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Global Bioenergy Industry News

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
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Haldia Plant Starts Biodiesel Production

INDIA - Emami Biotech, the first biodiesel production company in Eastern India has started production at its plant in Haldia.

The plant was started in 2007 and is aiming for a capactity of 100,000 tonnes of biodiesel a year.

The biofuel plant is a collaboration with Desmet Ballestra Group Company, an Italian Belgian joint enterprise, and the project cost Rs 1.5 billion.

"Our biofuel is not only be eco-friendly but it will also save foreign exchange for the country by cutting down on the need for crude oil import.

"The petroleum ministry has recommended a mixture of 20 per cent biofuel with 80 per cent diesel, minimising sulphur and particulate emissions.

"We, however, have run vehicles on B40 (40 per cent biofuel and 60 per cent diesel) without any modification of the engine mechanism," a senior official of Emami Biotech told The Statesman.

Laxman Seth, CPI-M MP for Haldia and chairman of the Haldia Development Authority said: "It's good news indeed. In the near future, we will have to switch from petrol and diesel to the use of biofuel as it is eco-friendly and will also cut down on the need of crude oil import.

"Emami Biotech uses oil seeds, predominantly jatropha as raw material. I request the agriculture and panchayat departments of the state to encourage the farmers to cultivate jatropha."

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