How Does Biomass Energy Work

In our quest for sustainable and renewable energy sources, biomass has emerged as a promising contender. Biomass energy harnesses the power of organic matter, such as plants and agricultural waste, to generate electricity, heat, and even fuel, such as biomethane.
Understanding the conversion between power and electric current is fundamental to grasping how energy is generated and used. For instance, you can use this watts to amps calculator to …

The Bioenergy Sustainability Policy Review in the Renewable Energy Directive

The efficient use of biomass in different energy applications is an essential part of the current climate mitigation strategy that has been proposed by the European Union. The EU plans to halve its greenhouse emissions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels in the next decade.
Timing is Key
There is an urgent need for reducing cost compliance if the set goals are to be realized.

Bioenergy Europe’s Comment on the Persisting Energy Prices Crisis

Energy price rises have continued to wreak havoc across the globe. In the EU, they have had a negative impact on both citizens and businesses. They have also affected the economic stability of various states leading to a rising in inflation rates and slow economic growth.
The volatile energy prices are worsened by the unpredictable geopolitical situations of fuel-producing nations. These …

Bioenergy Sustainability Review: Untie Our Feet so We can Run a Good Race

Biomass that is sourced sustainably and its efficient use in energy applications is a key part of delivering on the set decarbonization goals.
The European Union has gone a step further and developed a policy to mitigate any risks that may be associated with biodiversity. This in addition to other workable policies will lead to clearer energy resolutions.
There are five opportunities propped in the review of bioenergy sustainability policy:
Finding the most effective way …