Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

It is important that you don’t miss out on the upcoming exhibitions and events that HoSt will be hosting. HoSt will have events in May and June as follows:

  • In May they will be at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas between 23 and 26th
  • They will also host an event in Messe Munchen, DE between 30th May and 4th June.
  • In June HoSt will be at RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands between 4th and 16th June while they will be at The World Biogas Expo in the National Exhibition Center, Birmingham in the UK on 15th and 16th June.

Why Come Out to Meet HoSt

It is important that you come out to meet the HoSt team of experts during these events so that you can learn about their biogas solutions. You will get a chance to see their best technologies and understand how they work to create sustainable renewable energy for a cleaner planet.

HoSt is an industry leader when it comes to technological innovation in the field of transforming various residential streams into bioenergy. They are also involved in the development of other valuable end-products from these residue streams. HoSt is a full in-house producer of a wide portfolio of energy solutions including:

  • Biogas and anaerobic digestion technology – This is done using integrated membrane biogas upgrading technology. The process produces biomethane.
  • Waste-fired heat and power plants – They use residuals from different streams to produce heat, steam, and electricity. The process also provides green CO2
  • They also provide renewable energy as a service
  • Finally, they offer local and remote maintenance services

HoSt has a large and strong service and maintenance department, and they can provide assistance to different clients all over the world 24/7.

Some of the qualities that set HoSt above the competition include their ability for new product development and unrivaled expertise in the technologies that make the development of multidisciplinary projects possible.  This combined with their knowledge to commercialize and scale their operations puts HoSt above the competition.

HoSt is committed to renewable energy technology development for sustainable and clean energy for residential and commercial use. 

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