HoSt Exhibiting at the Value of Biogas East in Toronto, Canada

In May, the Value of Biogas East conference will be held in Toronto. This year’s Value of Biogas East will be a 2-day event that should be attended in person. There will be a full conference agenda which will include various engaging speakers and biogas presentations from experts.

On both days of the conference, there will be many opportunities to network and build connections with various players in the biogas sector.

You should come and meet the HoSt team at the Value of Biogas event in Toronto. You will be more informed about our biogas production process as well as the utilization facilities that we employ and integrate into our biogas solutions. And if you do not get an opportunity to come by our stand during the Value for Biogas event, you will be pleased to know that we will also be exhibiting in Las Vegas later in the month.

Biogas Solution

HoSt can deliver a creative solution for the anaerobic digestion of manure that is separated from municipal solid waste and organics. We also process wastewater treatment for the production of biomass energy. Our facilities for biogas production and utilization offer integrated solutions to promote your renewable energy ambitions.

We produce biogas that is beneficial in various ways. Our biogas can be upgraded to Renewable Natural Gas, it can be injected into the grid, or used as transport fuel after being compressed. We have specifically built our biogas plants to provide you with the most ideal solution.

The reason why our systems are distinct from the rest is that we have invested in many innovations. Some of the technological advancements that we have made with our biogas plants include patented insulated double membrane roofs, a very low CCI score, digestible treatment technology, and tank desulfurization technology.

It is true to state that we have taken key steps towards the production of biogas energy in the most efficient ways. We want to be part of the decarbonization movement that is aiming for a carbon-free world in the next few decades. Biogas production will play an essential towards the achievement of this goal. 

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