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Global Bioenergy Industry News

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009
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Wind Farm Proposed for Katsina State

NIGERIA - The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Power has awarded turnkey contracts for the construction of a 10MW Wind Farm power plant in Katsina State.

This is part of government’s strategy to improve power supply across the country.

The Ministry of Power called fortenders for to build and manage the wind energy project in October.

Revisions to the Request for Proposals (RFPs) originally issued for the tendering process have meant the new publication.

Consulting firms have been asked to tender for the consultancy services.

Bidders who had earlier submitted their proposals based on the earlier RFP may wish to retrieve their proposals and re-tender, the Nigerian Ministry of Power said.

The project and consultancy services are to be funded out of Federal Government’s allocation for the power sector.

The wind farm will be located at Lamba-rimi, Katsina State, Nigeria. The site is considered as a remote area with flat terrain. Core parameters for the project include WTG technology type 37 GEVMP (275 kW), 37 turbines, rotor diameter (32m), hub height (55m) and capacity is 10.175 MW. Project completion period is 21 months.

The consulting firm is expected to manage and supervise the construction of the wind power plants to ensure timely execution and in accordance with the specifications of the EPC contract.

The services include:

  1. development of a project management manual for the project to be managed and supervised;
  2. project coordination, management and supervision;
  3. technical control of design and engineering;
  4. oversee receipt and delivery of equipment to site;
  5. works execution monitoring at site; and
  6. oversee commissioning and testing upon works completed. Duration of assignment is 24 months.

Interested Consulting Firms are expected to submit a technical and financial proposal based on the revised RFP to be issued.

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