What is Bioenergy

About Us

We strive to make the world a better place by solving waste management issues, producing renewable energy, and creating products of value from other by-products of the organic waste we use to generate renewable energy.  The bioenergy site is a global leader in renewable energy production. We aim to help empower the sustainability ambitions of communities across the globe.  Since our inception, our main focus has been on providing technological advancements in the production of renewable energy. We believe that the ...

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How Does Biomass Energy Work

In our quest for sustainable and renewable energy sources, biomass has emerged as a promising contender. Biomass energy harnesses the power of organic matter, such as plants and agricultural waste, to generate electricity, heat, and even fuel, such as biomethane. Understanding the conversion between power and electric current is fundamental to grasping how energy is generated and used. For instance, you can use this watts to amps calculator to ...

Jul 12. 2023
Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

It is important that you don’t miss out on the upcoming exhibitions and events that HoSt will be hosting. HoSt will have events in May and June as follows: In May they will be at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas between 23 and 26th They will also host an event in Messe Munchen, DE between 30th May and 4...

Jun 04. 2022
HoSt Group, With Three New Biogas Projects, Enters the US Market

The HoSt Group has started business in the United States, and they have kick-started operations with three biogas projects at various dairy farms in New York and Ohio. With these projects, they will have a strong footprint in North America. The New York and Ohio projects combined will produce enough energy for a year to drive 3000 American family cars. The treated renewable natural gas from all three sites will be ...

Jun 01. 2022
Biomethane to be Produced by Dutch Brewery Grolsch using HoSt Technology

The Grolsch beer which has a characteristically green color turns even greener with its adoption of green technology. They are planning on the installation of a biogas upgrading system that will overtake the annual production of biomethane from biogas. They are looking forward to cooperation within the region for a greener beer brewing network. Biogas to Biomethane Grolsch aims to have more than two-thirds of its heat demands met by ...

May 16. 2022
HoSt Exhibiting at the Value of Biogas East in Toronto, Canada

In May, the Value of Biogas East conference will be held in Toronto. This year’s Value of Biogas East will be a 2-day event that should be attended in person. There will be a full conference agenda which will include various engaging speakers and biogas presentations from experts. On both days of the conference, there will be many opportunities to network and build connections with various players in the biogas sector. ...

May 15. 2022