HoSt Group, With Three New Biogas Projects, Enters the US Market

The HoSt Group has started business in the United States, and they have kick-started operations with three biogas projects at various dairy farms in New York and Ohio. With these projects, they will have a strong footprint in North America.

The New York and Ohio projects combined will produce enough energy for a year to drive 3000 American family cars. The treated renewable natural gas from all three sites will be compressed and placed in tanker trucks that will be responsible for moving it to a gas injection site. 

At the moment, renewable gas is destined for the California market. It will be sold under the standard program known as Low Carbon Fuels and will be used as renewable energy. It will also play an essential as a renewable transport fuel.

HoSt group’s determination to meet and anticipate customer needs for renewable energy throughout the world can be attested by these projects. In addition to this, they have an established presence in the locality and planned investments in various markets. The company is confident that these reference projects will be the basis for the launch of more projects in the United States. 

It is essential to note that this sustainable gas variant plays an important part in the planned energy transition. It is also true to say that this technology will help bring about a sustainable dairy sector. It is a technology that will address both the energy needs of households and industries as well as waste management.

The reason why this project is bound to be a success is that HoSt has extensive experience in the biogas sector. This will be instrumental in paving the way for making renewable energy sources more accessible to the masses.

REV LNG is a great proponent of renewable energy, and they are dedicated to implementing energy solutions that are not only creative but will also help the company and its clients work to reduce the carbon footprint. Working with HoSt ensures that REV LNG has access to the best and original equipment which is another vital factor in the production of clean energy. 

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