About Us

We strive to make the world a better place by solving waste management issues, producing renewable energy, and creating products of value from other by-products of the organic waste we use to generate renewable energy. 

The bioenergy site is a global leader in renewable energy production. We aim to help empower the sustainability ambitions of communities across the globe. 

Since our inception, our main focus has been on providing technological advancements in the production of renewable energy. We believe that the conversion of waste to energy is a sustainable way of generating energy that saves our planet in two ways. It helps with waste management and is able to produce carbon-free energy. 

We have extensive experience when it comes to processing organic waste for the production of renewable energy. We process different waste from food-based by-products to agricultural waste products. 

We have grown to a regional organization with many like-minded partners joining us. We believe that working with colleagues who believe in our ideals will bring the world closer to using renewable energy for all its needs. Besides our bioenergy partners, we also have an extensive team of distributors and sales representatives that are willing to help broaden our agenda. 

We are actively looking for more partners to join in on our mission. This is why we offer internships and assignments to a wide variety of students across the globe.